Calling all entrepreneurs!!

Calling all entrepreneurs!!     In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has developed the Training & Employment Network (TEN) to provide support to communities and companies to integrate Indigenous. immigrants, students and youth workers and women workers into the local workforce.  the TEN is funded through the Western

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An Open Letter to Everyone

An open letter from the Chamber   Saskatchewan people have all contributed to the safety of our residents by acting responsibly.  We all owe an extra debt of gratitude to our healthcare workers who continue to work diligently to care for their patients and ensure their facility safety.  We thank them all and salute their

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Kindersley Restaurants

The restaurants of Kindersley are listed below.  Some are operating on different hours and they are listed in no particular order. Humptys  (306)463-3493 Mr. Sub  (306)463-1463 Panago Pizza  1-866-310-0001 Western Pizza  (306)463-6969 Brothers  (306)463-4533 McDonalds  (306)463-8213 Tim Hortons  (306)463-3046 Boston Pizza  (306)463-1511 Red Lion  (306)463-3011 Subway  (306)463-2416 Homesteader  (306)463-4100 Silver Dragon  (306)463-2599 Just Chicken  (306)463-1555

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Health and Safety Best Practices (COVID-19)

Are You Ready To Open? The Covid-19 situation will be with us for some time and it is up to all of us to do our part to slow it down and eventually put it in its place.  So, what can we do to make our selves and our workplaces safer for our customers? Keeping

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Best Practices for Working From Home

Working from home sounds like a dream, until the dog throws up on the floor!  Many things can keep us from being productive while not at the office.  Noisy kids, social media, laundry needs folding, etc.  We have compiled a list of some things to help keep you on track while working from home. Set

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75% Wage Subsidy Application

The time is finally here!  businesses can now apply for the 75% wage subsidy.  Please see the link below;

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