An open letter from the Chamber


Saskatchewan people have all contributed to the safety of our residents by acting responsibly.  We all owe an extra debt of gratitude to our healthcare workers who continue to work diligently to care for their patients and ensure their facility safety.  We thank them all and salute their efforts!

COVID-19 is a real and present danger to human life and as a business community, we must see the human cost as a priority.  Businesses are operating under unique and stressful circumstances and we must be mindful of the impact on our collective mental health, and the associated costs to businesses and individuals that extend beyond financial concerns.

All Chambers of Commerce in Saskatchewan have been working tirelessly since early spring to help business members and communities access support programs to help keep businesses operational during the pandemic.  the impacts of COVID-19 have been felt by many private sector businesses who have had to deal with laying off staff, adjust to revenue losses or having to close altogether.  It’s clear that a community support effort to keep them operating is needed.  Collectively we have come a long way during an incredibly challenging time.

The Kindersley Chamber expresses our strong support for the targeted approach the Government of Saskatchewan has taken to address rising case counts in localized “Hotspots”, including new mandatory mask requirements in all communities across this great province.  It is certainly not easy and much debate has taken place with respect to allowing businesses to remain open during this time.

Returning to a wide-spread, large-scale lockdown would be catastrophic to Saskatchewan jobs, Saskatchewan families, and on the viability of Saskatchewan businesses – even with new and extensive government intervention.  The societal and economic harm would have lasting, irreversible impacts.  Focused and strategic regulations that will curb the spread of COVID-19, while allowing businesses that are operating safely to keep their doors open, must be followed.

We are calling on ALL Saskatchewan residents to follow the restrictions and guidelines set out by our public health experts.  Do your part and be a good neighbor.  As we enter the holiday season, we ask Saskatchewan residents to support local businesses wherever possible.  Think local first before purchasing from a big box store or on-line.  Purchase a gift card, order take out or give a shout out to your favorite business on social media.  Local businesses are integral to the fabric and character of our community and anything we can do will help!!

Buying from a local store is supporting your neighbor, your family member, your friend and ultimately the small businesses that drive our economy.  Let’s all do our part!  All Saskatchewan residents must take it upon themselves to keep everyone safe by wearing a mask when in public and practicing social distancing.  As a community, we all have a role to play in the fight against COVID-19.


Kevin Martin – Executive Director