As we continue to practice proper social distancing and basic hygiene to stem the spread of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to help out our local businesses who have had to close or are open limited hours.  As a Chamber of Commerce, our focus is on helping ALL businesses in Kindersley.  We don’t want to see a business fail and/or close because we didn’t support them.

This pandemic brings into sharp relief how much our local businesses count on us for their livelihood. Taxes can’t be paid, charities can’t be supported and even staff can be cut because they don’t have enough customers shopping with them.  Online shopping is here to stay.  We know that.  That’s why the Chamber of Commerce has just introduced E-Commerce to our website.  We would invite everyone who hasn’t been on the website to check it out and find what you’re looking for in our town.  For your convenience you can browse and buy from your home, local products, and they can be delivered or picked up at the store.

Please keep in mind what can happen if a business closes.  It usually doesn’t get reopened and that means more lost opportunities for us all.  Our local businesses deserve our respect and support.  without them, this town is nothing.  So, as you’re sitting at home browsing on your computer about what to buy, please consider trying the site and check out what is available HERE IN TOWN. You just may be surprised at what you find in our local stores.  The job you save just may be your own.