Name of Business:Business: Loraas Enviromental Ltd.
Contact: Ruebecca Fiddler
Physical Address: 113 Shorthorn Street North Battleford, SK S9A 3L8
Phone Number: 306-445- 3900
Website: Under construction
What are your hours? 8 am – 5pm


Please summarize the nature of your business.

Commercial, residential, and construction services for waste, recycle, compost. We also provide construction fencing.

Why did you (or the founder) start this business? If it was to fill a gap or address a challenge, tell us a little bit about it.

Loraas Environmental Services is a North Battleford based company located at 113 Shorthorn Street, North Battleford, Saskatchewan. We appreciate the opportunity to present this proposal to the City of North Battleford for residential waste collection and disposal services.

LES has been in operation since 2011 when David Keys wished to sell his commercial waste and recycling collection business to the Loraas family. Aaron Loraas started up LES, purchased the assets of K&B from David, and is our owner and President. We helped pioneer the adoption of curbside single stream recycling service in the province, and are very proud to be the residential recycling service provider to the City of North Battleford.

In December 2012, we opened a branch in Kindersley and are now the leading waste and recycling service provider in the West Central Region.

What aspect of your business are you passionate about? Can you provide us with any specific examples?

Being a service to the community while doing everything we can to be conscious of our environment and leaders in our industry.

What is your best or most popular item/service and why?

For now it would be Single stream recycle, one bin – no sort, no separate, no mess.

Did you introduce any new products or services recently? What are they?

We are working on expanding our organics collection services.

How would your clients/customers describe your business?

We are a local service provider focused on customer service.

Why should new people come to your business?

We are a locally owned Saskatchewan company. We focus on our customer needs, providing fantastic prices. We are the leader of the Industry.

Why do people return to your business?

Ongoing great service, face to face interactions, live local people answering your phone calls.

Is there something unique or unusual about your business/service that, when people first hear about it, they tend to say “Wow – I didn’t know that!”

Our people. We employee good skilled, skilled staff, that honestly care about the customers, which shows in our customer service.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your business?

We really are happy to be part of the community, and very happy to be a contributing factor to the services of this great community.