Name of Business: Kindersley Glass
Contact: Brett & Brendee Sautner
Physical Address: 219 11 Ave E, Kindersley, SK S0L 1S0
Phone Number: 463-2444
What are your hours? 8 am – 5:30pm


Please summarize the nature of your business.

We took over this business, with the inspiration being to help people achieve their goals, on bettering their homes.  This includes everything from windows, doors, siding, soffit, facia, decking, and railing.


Why did you (or the founder) start this business? If it was to fill a gap or address a challenge, tell us a little bit about it.

Windows, excellent quality made for our winters here in Saskatchewan. Seeing the reactions of our customers faces, when the projects are completed.

What aspect of your business are you passionate about? Can you provide us with any specific examples?

Seeing the reactions of our customers faces, when the projects are completed.

What is your best or most popular item/service and why?

They Love our guys, customers satisfied with prompt service, friendly, and helpful staff. We receive so many letters back from customers, complimenting us with the staff’s professionalism.


Did you introduce any new products or services recently?  What are they?

New additions are taking over the lock smithing in our area

How would your clients/customers describe your business?

Variety of products.  One stop shop for supplies and installs.

Why should new people come to your business?

We are multi-functional, from auto glass to eavestroughs.

Why do people return to your business?

Happy with previous work

Is there something unique or unusual about your business/service that, when people first hear about it, they tend to say “Wow – I didn’t know that!”

We have great staff.  Kindersley Glass wouldn’t be as successful without them!