Name of Business:Business: Dominion Lending Centre- Brenda Meyer
Contact: Brenda Meyer
Physical Address: Box 142 Brock Sask. S0L 0H0
Phone Number: 306-460-7166
Website: or
What are your hours? Flexible and mobile hours


Please summarize the nature of your business.

I provide lending solutions for residential, and branching into commercial, leasing , investments and  insurance needs. There are 20 plus lenders that I have access to .


Why did you (or the founder) start this business?

To accommodate the changing needs of  clients.  Those who are not  typically  able to conform to regular business hours, and meet  customers need.  I have flexible hours and can meet weekends and evenings etc.  


What aspect of your business are you passionate about? Can you provide us with any specific examples?

Clients who do not fit into the normal lending criteria, I can  find alternative solutions for these clients.


What is your best or most popular item/service and why?

Residential mortgages.  Qualifying is tougher with the new guidelines the Government had put in force.  


Did you introduce any new products or services recently?  What are they?

Leasing vehicles, equipment, agriculture equipment, commercial, and personal usages. As well as access to Commercial and Agriculture lending.


How would your clients/customers describe your business?

Helpful, flexible, personable, meets their financial needs.


Why should new people come to your business?

I work with clients to find lending alternatives . If they do not qualify at the present time , I work with them so that their goals can be met in a timely manner.


Why do people return to your business?

They recognize the added value of the broker channel , having 20 plus lenders to draw from ….


Is there something unique or unusual about your business/service that, when people first hear about it, they tend to say “Wow – I didn’t know that!”

Flexible hours, and the mobility  to go to clients at their convenience.


Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your business?

I am constantly adding services to offer my clients, and continuing education to serve them better.